Data Annotation Services

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Data Labeling and Annotation Services

Spectrum Intelligence is committed to excellent, High Quality Data Annotation Results

SPIN-AI’s data annotators are unequivocally adept at tasks requiring complex, repetitive as well as attention-to-detail skills. Our teams have unmatched abilities at data annotation for machine learning. We aid clients with data annotation services throughout diverse data types such as image, video, audio, and text.

Experts on Data

Our company is capable of scaling and ready to accomplish all data annotation requests. From bounding boxes to complex 3D, Polygon, NER annotation. Video, text and voice annotation are also part of our services

Flexible in Scaling

Our company structure allows us to be able to perform any task of any scale size. We work in collaboration with major Associations and Treators of People from the Autism Spectrum. No job is too big or too small, and our workforce with autism is standing by to support your company.

Project Management

SPIN-AI’s managers come from extensive careers in technology. We understand IT methodologies and quality deliveries. We comprehend your need of data security and a proof of concept per project

Additional Services

SPIN-AI provides additional services in Artificial Intelligence and data management. Maintaining a vast network of loyal partners, we can offer additional services in data acquisition, data entry, Artificial Intelligence cases analysis and a solution to your company challenges.

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