About Us

In the service of Science

In the service of Social impact

Our Mission

To contribute to the most booming industry in the world, IT/Artificial Intelligence, with the noble goal to integrate the Autism Spectrum population in productivity, providing them pride and a secure environment.

Our Company

Spectrum Intelligence is devoted to the progress of technology and social impact, making use of special advanced skills of people on the Autism Spectrum like patience, repetitiveness and a sense of precision .

Who We Are

Spectrum Intelligence, is a start-up entity aiming to have social and technological impact in the modern inclusive society and economy. Spectrum Intelligence benefits from the work force of people in the Autism Spectrum with advanced specific required skills, for providing Data Annotation services. Management wise, it is profiting from managers with decades of experience who were positioned in the highest performing technology companies. These managers are committed towards implementing their knowledge and experience for the noble goal of combining the most booming IT industry in the world, Artificial Intelligence, while integrating people from the Autism Spectrum in the circle of productivity, bringing them pride and security.

In addition to the data annotation services, Spectrum Intelligence, through its extensive network, will be able to provide additional services like data acquisition and data scientists to analyze and offer Artificial Intelligence cases solutions. The data annotation services include: tagging images, videos, facial recognition, text annotation, audio annotation and more complicated data requirement. Spectrum Intelligence commits to the highest quality Data Annotation services, maintaining high accuracy along with the safety of data.

Our Community Partners

Here, at Spectrum Intelligence, we highlight the significance of positively encouraging people on the spectrum. Below are some of the groups and organizations that assist us to achieve our aim.

Spectrum Inteligence

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