In the service of Science

In the service of Social impact

SPectrum INtelligence

  • SPIN-AI is your local company extension for secure Data Annotation.
  • SPIN-AI acts in the service of Inclusive society and economy.
  • SPIN-AI contributes to Technology and Social Impact as well.

For Artificial Intelligence Data Driven companies

SPIN-AI’s (Spectrum Intelligence) core current activities for companies, lie in the Data Annotation services. Companies embracing our services will benefit from a broad variety of advantages and benefits:

  1. Local Services as an extension of your company.
  2. Advanced typical specific skills of Autism Spectrum workers to perform activities of Data Annotation
  3. Having a local extension of a standard High Tech company, working by standard rules and methodologies (agile). As it is the customer local extension, Spin-AI will be also flexible to adhere to the customer methodologies and guidance.
  4. Guaranteed quality of services.
  5. Contribution to social values in the local community.
  6. Very competitive prices
  7. Adhering to Targets and Quotas for employers

P.S. Our services are enhanced to include additional services

Part of our Mission is to become a significant contributors to the inclusive society and economy in all Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Europe.

Being Social

Having social impact and local support are part of any company’s core values. These noble values are also part of an individual’s values and aspirations. Being social and able to combine it with technological/social impact and economic growth lead a company to be truly inclusive. We all aspire to become part of the new era of an inclusive society and economy.

A company in the modern world understands that having social impact does not diminish the chances for financial growth, in fact, by doing it in the right way, contributes to their financial growth. Companies like Accenture, PWC, B Corps, Salesforce, Phillips, bigger ones and smaller ones, are adopting the new economy model. Spectrum Intelligence would be able to help your company become part of this respectful community. The inclusive community.

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Dedicated to our customers

  • Endless dedication
  • Extension of your company
  • Endless care and understanding of your needs
  • Committed quality of the end delivery
  • Warranty of the delivery. Payment on satisfaction.
  • Warranty of cost reductions.
  • Your company social values are implemented along with getting high quality deliveries.

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Our company

Spectrum Intelligence is led by a diverse management with an extensive experience in IT, coaching and social activities. Within this management, the majority of the leaders have a special and personal interest in the initiative, understanding the pain and the need of helping people from the Autistic Spectrum while contributing to the societal growth.

The spine of the company consists of workers from the Autistic Spectrum that will be able to be part of an entity that will provide them with pride, confidence, and a secure environment.

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Dutch/European-Based Workforce and Data Annotation Specialists

Today we obtain talent from people on the autism spectrum throughout Amsterdam. Our aim is to expand in all the Netherlands and Europe.

SPIN-AI is about reaching the unfulfilled potential of people on the autism spectrum, connecting firms to qualified employees through its unmatched work force and care for customers.

SPIN-AI is also about a better society with care for the different.

Our company is set to handle needs at any scale

Our management and staff come from a background in technology.
We understand your requirements thoroughly.